Welcome, I’m John Turner MAAT, the business owner.

I specialise in working for small businesses. Specifically this includes dealing with the tax and accountancy affairs of Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.

I have acted for a wide range of clients from a well-known actress, Cambridge University lecturers, a film director, IT companies, a security company, garages, trades etc. I particularly like trades and limited companies.

I aim to provide a clear, non-stuffy, jargon free service. I offer appointments outside office hours and weekends. First interviews are normally free. I offer home visits. I normally operate within a twenty mile radius of Hitchin.

John Turner "Taking Steps"

I believe that offering good bookkeeping advice is essential for keeping down fees. I will take ‘steps’ to ensure that we design together a bespoke method for your business. This is primarily designed around what you the client are comfortable with, not around the accountant.

The company operates as a one stop shop, providing accountancy, tax, enhanced financial services, limited company administration and fee protection insurance services.

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These three offers apply to the next fifty clients that I engage before 31/12/2015 :


I am offering to prepare your first personal tax return for free, providing it is a ‘standard’ tax return, one that comprises one supplement and minimal interest to declare. For more involved returns, I will take off a credit equal to the price of a standard return from the charge for a more involved return. For the 2015 tax return (year ended 05/04/2015) this offer is worth £160.


I am offering to incorporate new limited companies for £100.


I am offering you a free one hour session providing bookkeeping advice.

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Tax Saving Tips

MILEAGE ALLOWANCE:  It can be advantageous to claim a fixed rate per mile for motor expenses in your accounts rather than claim ‘actual’ expenses, dependant on what annual mileage you do. Once you make a mileage allowance claim you have to stick to it, until you dispose of your vehicle. You can then reassess what method is preferable, for your new vehicle. If the claim is beneficial for you or not can only be determined by calculation.

WAGES PAID TO FAMILY MEMBERS: To reduce profits, consider employing members of your family who are not currently employed. They can use their unused personal allowance to cover the wages that you pay them. You can claim their wages against your profits. You must, pay them a competitive market rate for their services and only pay for the hours that they work for you. National Minimum Wage rules also need to be applied.

PRE-TRADING EXPENSES: Certain pre-trading expenses can be deducted from your first year’s trading. For it to be allowable it must have been paid ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade’.

LIMITED COMPANIES: Because there is a difference between the tax rates paid by a limited company and those attracted by an individual, it can be very beneficial to trade as a limited company. The decision to incorporate should, however, only be taken after seeking professional advice.


Mrs C. R. Osteopath.

‘I have to say that I have been very impressed ….with the clarity of all his business communications with me : succinct and to the point, and easily understandable, it is a rare gift to be so clear in areas that are potentially so confusing to the uninitiated- and with the overall tone of his letters and emails to me, from the initial letter onwards : I don’t remember having had such a courteous welcome to a professional business relationship. It’s a pleasure to do business with you!’

Mr M.S. Website Designers

‘I took the plunge (to meet John Turner) and am very pleased I did so. John carefully scrutinised our accounts, spent time with us and made us feel that he was doing the job properly with our interests at heart, and provided help and guidance on relevant issues. I cannot recommend you more wholeheartedly. Thank you John.’